"Training for Sex"

Bruce Lee Teaches Sex

Bruce Lee suffered a severe back injury.

While confined to bed, what he and his wife wrote could help you in bed.

Bruce Lee always considered himself first a martial artist and only second an actor. While confined to the bed for 6 months after the injury, he and his wife collected his thoughts about martial arts. He used his experience and extensive reading of philosophy and physical training to explain a way of thinking about not only martial arts and physical training but about how to live.

He said that after learning what he had to teach, to tear up the book and throw it away.

Was he against training? Of course not; he worked and trained like crazy.

Yet, while fighting, he recommended "forgetting" the training and simply fighting.

When fighting, what will get you killed is needing to think about the moves or the technique. The more you study and train, the less you need to "think" when fighting, you forget and simply fight.

So ironically, the one who trains most thinks least while seeing the best results.

Every fight is different, every opponent and situation--different.

When it comes to sex, every orgasm must be approached in a different way. NOT just every woman but every orgasm. Even in the same woman, every time she's touched or approached or ignored--every time--different.

This surprises and confuses some men. But, it should be expected--and with training--the mindless presence that's fully mind and powefully present takes over.

The technique, the training, is not about learning, it's about removing ignorance.

It's not about seeing, it's about un-shading vision--not about techniques of creating art, but about ways of uncovering the art in front of you.__________________________________________________________________________

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